Experience luxury with Caeli. Whether you want to refresh your skin with nourishing body care products, or create a calming atmosphere in your home with inviting fragrances, Caeli has it all. Discover the selection of gentle hand wash, hydrating body wash, soothing body cream, lightweight body oil and exfoliating scrub enriched with natural ingredients. Or choose from scented and perfumed candles, reed diffusers and essential oils for your home. Enjoy luxurious fragrances such as lemon & honey or almond & rose – perfect for any occasion. Shop Caeli's quality range of skin care and home fragrances today!
Caeli Hand Care Products
Pamper your hands with Caeli's selection of skin-loving hand wash and cream. With a range of tantalizing scents including coconut & fig, lemon & honey, and lavender & geranium, discover the perfect wash for every mood. Suitable for all skin types, these natural ingredients are kind to the environment and gentle on your hands. Replenish moisture with Caeli's nourishing hand cream – available in an array of fragrances that leave you feeling soft and silky smooth all day long. Enjoy fresh-smelling hands without harsh chemicals with Caeli's hydrating products - choose from quality hand wash and cream today!
Caeli Body Care Products
Refresh your skin with Caeli's range of body care products. With hydrating and nourishing formulas, choose from luxurious body wash, moisturizing body cream, lightweight body oil and exfoliating sugar scrub – all enriched with natural ingredients so you can enjoy beautiful skin in every season. From pampering to protecting and restoring, discover an array of fragrances including lemon & honey or almond & rose - perfect for any occasion. Enjoy soft-touch skin without harsh chemicals; find the perfect formulation for your skin type today with Caeli's selection of quality body care products.
Caeli Home Fragrances
Elevate your home with Caeli's fragrant selection of candles, reed diffusers and essential oils. Treat yourself to calming aromatherapy candles, inviting perfumed candles or slow-release scent with reed diffusers. Bring a subtle yet luxurious aroma to any space with the signature range of room sprays and blend your own unique scent using natural essential oils. Transform your home into an oasis of tranquil relaxation - choose from Caeli's quality range of home fragrances today!

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Hui Loh , UAE

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Dejana Radonjic , UAE

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