Franke Kitchen Taps
Franke Kitchen Taps are made of high-quality, recycled stainless steel that provides outstanding durability and is easy to clean. Choose from a range of styles, such as pull-out taps, mixer taps, and traditional designs, to find the perfect fit for your kitchen. Franke kitchen taps are not only stylish but also environmentally friendly and made of long-lasting materials, up to 100% recyclable, with 70% recycled stainless steel. With Franke, you can also customize the size and shape of your sink to suit your specific needs, including large farmhouse sinks and compact single bowls. Upgrade your kitchen sink and tap with Franke's range of eco-friendly and stylish solutions.
Franke Kitchen Sinks
Franke kitchen sinks provide the perfect blend of style and functionality, created to last for many years. Constructed from premium quality chrome nickel steel, each Franke stainless steel sink is resistant to staining, rust and corrosion. Enjoy a variety of styles to match your décor; from double bowl sinks to compact single bowls, there’s something for everyone! Every product is made with long-lasting material and up to 100% recyclable so you can do your part in reducing unnecessary waste. Not only do they look stylish but they will also stand the test of time thanks to their high-quality building which brings them both durability and strength. Upgrade your kitchen today with a Franke stainless steel sink that will not only enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen but also provide years of reliable use.
Franke Sink Accessories
Complete your Franke kitchen sink experience with a selection of superior accessories, designed specifically to pair perfectly with any Franke sink. From sink organizers to storage box, draining boards and colanders to side sprays, waste disposers and sink grids; whatever type of kitchen sink you own, sink accessories from Franke will help add the finishing touches. Make your sink experience efficient and easy with high quality items such as chopping boards that fit snugly on your sink for convenient meal prep, or opt for a pull-out spray nozzle for washing dishes easier than ever before! Take your kitchen décor to the next level by adding beautiful and functional Franke sink accessories. Find the perfect combination of accessories today to get the most out of your Franke kitchen sinks.

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